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Project Consistency Manager
Mass Folder Level Organizer

Mass Folder Level Organizer
How to reorganize your existing folder structures  at any time  (2:26)

Project Consistency Manager 
Create the specified number of folders(folder structures) using a numeric naming convention (2:11)

How to copy the selected project folder structure/template to each created client folder (1:51)

Any folder structure on you hard drive can be used as a template

How to copy the selected project folder structure(defined in a text file) to each created client folder (1:35)

  • Drive/directory independence (not tied to any specific drive letter or root directory)
  • editable in any text editor
  • Import/export - can be exported as CSV, MS(Microsoft) or MAC(Apple) compatible templates
How to Delete multiple folders/folder structures at the same time (2:27)

How to rename multiple folders  at the same time (2:27)

How to collect a large number of folders/structures automatically using Subfolder List Builder   (0:47)
How to check folder structures for consistency with Consistency Checker at any time  (2:26)

Automatically compare multiple project folder structures (up to 30000) for folder/file differences

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