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Reorganize your multiple existing folder structures with Mass Folder Level Organizer - quickly consistently and reliably

The lack of software solution  prevented Business people and IT professionals  to view or reorganize existing folder structures automatically. Until now.

Prognext once again enhanced folder based management by automating multiple folder restructuring.

Using MFLO's sophisticated folder list builder and unique folder level organizer now for the first time you can consistently and automatically:
  1. reorganize multiple existing folder structures
  2. view(display) multiple newly reorganized folder structures
Reorganized files contains the original location-path in their names.
No scripts no programming required.


OS: Windows 10new/8/7/Vista/XP


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Why Mass Folder Level Organizer?

It has all the elements that business users and IT professionals need to restructure the folder structures efficiently and consistently:

An Automated System  - No programming knowledge is required. Everything - the folder list selection, folder list generation, folder list processing  and tracking the folder list processing - is in real time and is automated with manual control.

Visual Control   - The program's robust visual control system includes simulation,  visual log with statistics and undo options so users can detect and correct any unwanted changes and errors without compromising existing folder structures

Features and benefits
Subfolder List Builder- Collect folders and convert  folder structures to folder lists  automatically 
  • Automatically collect subfolders ( up to 30000) from multiple subfolder levels to an input folder list. 
  • Subfolder list builder window (folder level statistics, exclude-include window, subfolder range, built-in editor)
  • There is also an option to use a term filter in subfolder names.
  • Eliminates manual entry and associated errors.
  • Import- Export (txt,csv)

Restructure multiple existing  folder structures using  a list of  folder paths
View-display  multiple newly reorganized folder structures using simulation 

view(display) multiple newly reorganized folder structures- Simulation of the complete file-folder reorganization process without actually creating  files/folders on the hard drive.

Simulation allows users to:
  • safely repeat folder reorganization  without compromising existing folder structures.
  • export reorganized folder-file lists for further processing
Visual control - Clear result presentation in separate windows 

Automatic-visual log with statistics
  • See processed folders, subfolders, files and errors on the same page in separate windows.
  • See progress in real time.
  • Easily detect unwanted changes or errors.
  • Detailed statistics (total folders, subfolders and file sizes before and after the process) also indicate whether errors have occurred.
View options: - View a selected Folder Structure at any time with MS Explorer
Undo function
  • Remove the most recent changes so your existing Folder Structures remain unchanged.
  • Repeat operations with modified folder list(s) as many times as you like.

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